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East Herts Council

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hit Training

Service Excellence Award

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At HIT Training we have a positive vision of what apprenticeships can do: improve individual’s skills and therefore their life chances; make businesses more efficient; and boost the economy. People are at the centre of everything we do; that goes for our own staff as well as those we serve. We take pride in helping people become the best they can be.



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Our functional coffees have been enhanced by a range of valuable, bioactive ingredients that help protect your health and improve well-being. Following a two-year period of research and development we used the latest achievements of science and the wisdom of natural medicine to create our range.

The Acai berry extract, green mate, stimulating guarana and taurine, numerous vitamins and minerals are just a foretaste of what is in Aurile coffee. Coffee with flavours developed based on the original blend coffee Arabica and Robusta (the best coffees worldwide) are prepared according to traditional Italian recipes.

The Aurile brand has captivated hearts in both the discerning home user and small business markets. The product range has been expanded to include delicious, aromatic loose leaf teas enriched with natural ingredients, which give them unique character.

For further information please feel free to contact us.


FM Group

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FM WORLD  is a very fast growing company in the mineral make, cosmetic, skin care and perfume market. A relative newcomer market but collaborating with both established providers with over 100 years of experience and modern cutting edge designers and compositors we offer incredible quality and ultra-competitive prices right across our product range

Our primary goals are:

  • products always available at the best possible prices
  • total customer and partner distributor satisfaction
  • financial freedom for all our partners

Our distributor partners are supported by us in developing their Multi-Level Marketing structures under our global brand. Open minded and looking for a challenge ? we would love to hear from you!


SME Hertfordshire Awards

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Welcome to the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards, a sought after accolade of achievement, an endorsement of your hardwork, determination and enterprise in business.  Winning an award that recognises your business offers exceptional marketing and PR opportunities as well as increasing your credibility and standing in the eyes of your peers and your customers.

Of course, it feels pretty wonderful too!

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My Mustard

Tel: 07734 846855
Website: http://www.mymustard.co.uk/

We all use Google because we know, like and trust it to deliver the best results. Google makes its money by showing ads called AdWords or sponsored links. That’s what we do all day, every day and have done since 2007. We work with dozens of clients who know that Search, Display, Remarketing, Shopping, Mobile, You Tube and Gmail campaigns are key parts of their marketing strategy and outsource their campaign activity to us for efficiency and peace of mind. My Mustard clients also enjoy the benefits of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pay per click advertising opportunities.

The recipe for My Mustard is pretty straightforward: Take three professionals with names beginning with J, two Chloe’s, a Natalie (returned from The Borders) and a joke-telling pig-rabbit, the world’s biggest search engine, some forward thinking customers, and mix well. Add hours of number crunching, extensive market research, some seriously creative writing, a lot of patience, a bucketful of tenacity and a Bit of luck. Sprinkle with endless enthusiasm and serve hot.

“The winner is the chef who takes the same ingredients as everyone else and produces the best results.”

We work really hard and we are nice people to do business with. We realised on day one that we can only do well if our clients do well so we try to stay focused on their success at all times. We really like what we do and it shows…. and we always play to win.


Hitchin Initiative

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NFU Mutual

St. Albans Office

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Ware Office

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Hemel Hempstead Office

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Royston Office

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Insurance, Risk Management, Life Assurance, Investments, Pensions and Financial Planning.


Events and PR

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